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The Guardian: I Am Edward Snowden

The Snowden revelations have been referred to as the most important discussion of our time. In an age where technology and media are so integrated into our daily lives, the average citizen takes for granted the scope of their technological footprint and the implications involved with each new step. Edward Snowden is a controversial figure; he is part hero, part traitor, and part legend. In bringing his story to the stage, Marcum wanted to present the material devoid of spin or personal opinion. Inspired by the political drama Frost Nixon, this piece is an excercise in verbatim theatre. By compliling actual media interviews given by Snowden into a scripted format and condensing the "Press" into two distinct characters, a complex conversation is had regarding technology, privacy, and patriotism. The Guardian: I Am Edward Snowden premiered at Actor's Bridge Studio as part of the 2015 Nashville Sideshow Fringe Festival.

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