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Pollock: A Frequency Parable

Pollock: A Frequency Parable, is an avant-operatic sound performance piece that explores elements of abstract expressionism through nonlinear narrative and extended vocal techniques. By re-conceptualizing key elements used in the revolutionary artistic practice of iconic painter Jackson Pollock sonically, a challenge is presented to both the performer and the audience to free the voice from the confines of form and language, allowing it to transcend tradition and be experienced for it's potential - Modern Art. After premiering at The New Experimental Works Festival in San Francisco, CA this piece has continued to pick up steam across the country. It won the Artistic Innovation Award at the 2017 St. Louis fringe Festival followed by winning the Fringiest of the Fringe Award from the Asheville Fringe Arts Festival 2018, and the Encore Producer's Award at the 2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival. Pollock has also been featured as part of the Whitefire Solofest in Los Angeles, CA and the Kindling Arts Festival in Nashville, TN. Most recently, Pollock made it's OFF-Broadway debut to rave reviews at SOHO Playhouse in January 0f 2019.

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