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Artistic Director

Performance Maker


Conceptual Strategist

 "The closest thing to a breakout star that the American performance sect has seen in decades..."
-The New York Journal

"Matt Marcum's Pollock: A Frequency Parable, winner of the festival's Artistic Innovation 

Award, perfectly embodies the exploration of art and performance that defines Fringe theater." 
KDHX St. Louis

" In a show where abstract art meets modern beauty, Marcum takes you on a journey that leaves you mesmerized and wondering what the heck you just watched...Modern Art at it's finest."

St. Louis Limelight Magazine

"It’s a mash up for postmodernists that still need a little structure to their serenades…. Whimsy and reality collide to create a construction that defies categorization...get familiar with one of the most original writers working locally."

- No Country For New Nashville

Pollock: A Frequency Parable
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Hymns & Oscillations
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